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About Moran Talmor

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About Moran Talmor

About Moran Cohen Talmor - Founder of Calling Voice Movement

Moran was born and raised in Haifa. From a very young age she began to sing and play music professionally. Moran also trained in various movement disciplines for years, including karate, swimming, yoga and others.

As a teenager, she first noticed the direct connection that existed between her physical training and her singing abilities. This understanding sparked her curiosity and drew her in to further investigate the voice- body connection on a deeper level.

After completing her service in the IDF as a singer in a military band, she travelled to the United States with the aim of developing her karate skills under the supervision of world-class trainers. During her stay, she began to write original songs and three years later she returned to Israel and released her first solo album and a duet album in collaboration with the guitarist Rami Yosifov.

Getting back

During the seven years

after her return to Israel, she experimented with different methods of voice work as both as a student and as a teacher. Throughout her studies, she continued to search for a method that could address vocal work in a more accurate, thorough, and expansive way. She wanted to find a method that corresponded to everything she knew, by experience, about the body- voice connection – both internally, connecting individuals with themselves, as well as externally, connecting the individual and the other.

In 2012, Moran’s search led her to New York, to study with the international voice master Jeanie LoVetri, founder of Somatic Voicework™ the LoVetri Method, a science-based method that addresses the body as a whole and advocates a holistic approach to voice. This method was precisely the home for Moran to be able to sort through all of the experiential knowledge she accumulated over the years, and from which she could build a solid foundation for her continued development as a singer, teacher and vocalist. Five years into her studies in New York, Moran was invited to join the academic faculty at the LoVetri Institute, in collaboration with the Baldwin Wallace University.

The Movement

In 2015, Moran founded the Calling Voice Movement

to provide a home and a community for people of voice, with a desire to develop, deepen and specialize in the field of voice pedagogy.

Today, Moran sings in the widely acclaimed Both Sides Now group, a five-piece touring band dedicated to playing the iconic songs of Joni Mitchell. Mitchell herself heard the composition and personally sent her praise for Moran’s beautiful performance and invited the band to perform as her guests in her home.

Moran continues to teach, support and empower people of voice all throughout Israel every year, as part of the Calling Voice Movement, in addition to the students she teaches for individual work at her home studio (mainly of whom are facing challenging vocal issues). Moran continues to study with her teacher and mentor, Jeanie LoVetri and to practice Hatha yoga and Flystick.

Moran is happily married to Yariv and the proud mother of her two children, Michael and Yasmin.