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The first and only academic program of its kind in Israel, inspired by Somatic Voicework™ the LoVetri Method and in collaboration with Baldwin Wallace University. Recieve your official accreditation as a certified voice instructor.

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When Passion Becomes a Profession and a Profession Becomes a Mission

The One Voice Project is the flagship program of the Calling Voice Movement, which aims to train voice professionals in Israel and the Middle East at the highest international standards. The students in the program are privileged to learn from the top lecturers and voice professionals both in Israel and the United Sates, and undergo a process of personal development as singers, teachers, and voice professionals.

The pedagogical space, led by Moran Cohen Talmor and her amazing team of teachers, is a fertile ground for internal, interpersonal, and multicultural connection. Graduates of the program receive a certificate from Baldwin Wallace University and join Calling Voice Movement’s thriving, multi-professional, and supportive community.

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Who is this Program For?

Voice professionals

who wish to deepen their knowledge and specialize in the field of voice



of all vocal styles who wish to start teaching voice and feel the responsibility involved in the profession

Voice teachers

who are starting out on their journey

Choir Conductors

that are interested in deepening and specializing in the field

Speech therapists

who wish to specialize in working with singers

Mind-body therapists

for whom sound is a central tool in their work

Our Teacher

The Teachers of
One Voice Project

The best experts in their field will pass on to you their knowledge and experience.

Moran Cohen Talmor

Internationally acclaimed and experienced teacher of the Somatic Voicework™ the LoVetri Method. Founder and Head Administrator of  Calling Voice Academy. Moran has a rich background in various movement and voice disciplines, she regularly lectures on the subject of voice in both speech therapy courses as well as in workshops for choir conductors. Over the past five years, she has certified close to one hundred vocal coaches all over Israel.

Boaz Nahaissi

is the founder and head of the 'Boaz Nahaissi School', where he develops new movement techniques and is considered one of the leaders in the field of movement in Israel. Boaz Nahaissi is an experienced Pilates/Controlology teacher, he teaches Flystick through various collaborations with gyms, and conducts workshops, enrichment and training days throughout Israel, and all over the world. Boaz Nahaissi's school provides training for the top professional Pilates and Flystick teachers. Boaz Nahaissi conducts workshops and training days on various topics that combine anatomy, pathologies, body infrastructure and consciousness.

Jeanie LoVetri

The founder of the Somatic Voicework™ method. One of the most important and influential voice trainer and teacher in the world today. She has been teaching vocal training for over 52 years, and has been involved in voice research for over 35 years, together with the top vocal researchers of our time. She teaches voice around the world, and every year she continues to teach thousands of vocal coaches from all over.

Professor Michal Icht

Prof. Michal Icht is a speech therapist and Head of the Communication Disorders Department at Ariel University. She is a lecturer and researcher in the field of voice and she diagnoses and treats a wide variety of voice and speech disorders in children, adolescents and adults.

Samira Sariya

is an actress, a film director, a spoken-word artist and a member of the Rap group "Sistem Ali" from Jaffa, Israel. Samira is one of the first female-palestinian activists in the LGBT community .
During the academic year One Voice Project, Samira will teach a workshop that will deal with stage performance, diction and song`s interpretation.

Ariel HaLevi

The founder of the hugely successful company Vayomar. In the past years he has provided consultation and guidance to hundreds of companies around the world in the areas of business and entrepreneurship. He is the author of the book "You are not Moving Slow Enough" which focuses on the connection between emotional intelligence and our ability to influence others.



What’s in the Curriculum?

What to expect?

Studies based on the latest scientific research in voice, taught with a somatic-holistic approach:

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